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Belt weaved with kevlar



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  • Belt weaved with kevlar
    The edge of belt can be weaved with Kevlar material with different width at the request of the customer who will change the corrugated board with frequenty. It is also clld with Aramid. This Kevlar material can improve the heat resistance to 450℃ and frictuion function.
    - This Aramid can longer the life of this belt.
    - The Aramid is very strong,it is easily cleaning
    - The Aramid will not change the belt' s characteristics and improve the performance only
    Hot extrusion joint
    The metal hook is heat treated first and than put on the belt under high pressure and high temperature condition. The thickness of the belt will beceme 1 mm smaller at each side of the belt. In this case, the connection part thickness is the same as the normal belt.the surface of the lacing cloth part is very smooth. The mechnical data is the same as the normal belt. The corrugated board is no affected by the hot jaw, it is very smooth and the machine performacne is no noise.

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