Type B middle speed belt

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Medium speed strong belt
It is a plain weave with five layers and one up and down connected by connecting lines, tightly stacked as a whole, strong and durable, with sufficient fiber carrier to accommodate moisture and heat; self-heavy, high pressure on paper, dimensional stability Good, it is recommended that users whose speed is lower than 200 m/min use the medium speed belt.

High-speed silent belt
It is a three-layer twill weave interwoven into a whole by double wires. The staggered fiber arrangement increases the contact area between the belt surface and the cardboard, enhances the gripping force of the cardboard, smooth surface, stable operation, low noise, and is suitable for high speeds. On the 200m/min production line.

High-quality absorbent tape
Compared with the traditional medium and high speed belt, the weaving process is improved, and the selected raw materials are even more different from the existing yarns, that is, high moisture absorption fibers are added during spinning. The fibers show longitudinal grooves when observed under a microscope. Groove is the most hygroscopic fiber among all textile fibers. The conveyor belt woven from this has rapid moisture absorption and dehumidification effects. Tested by the China Packaging Research and Testing Center, the moisture absorption and air permeability are much higher than the current industry standards, which can meet the tile requirements. The line production speed is 300 m/min.

Type B middle speed belt
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