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  • High speed corrugater belt
    Corrugator belts have been specially developed for the transport of board and optimisation of the drying process.They resist the stress continuously and achieve as long a life as possible. The patented weave structure guarantees correct gluing and fast drying of the board.The use of high quality PET-fibres enables the belt to shed very rapidly the moisture absorbed during the drying process.

    High speed corrugator belt has three layers. The weaving structure of surface is not the same as the core. Andall of these weaving structure is not the same as the middle and low speed corrugator belt weaving structure. This weaving structure is designed for the high speed running.The material in the surface is not the same as the core in order to increase the frictuion function.


    High speed corrugater belt
    Model WSD/GS-9
    Material 100% PET synthetic fiber
    Applyspeed 240 m/min.
    Thickness Tolerance +/- 0.5mm 9mm
    Width Tolerance < 0. 5% 1200-2900mm
    Heat resistance Under 150℃,accepts long time pressure
    Under 200℃,accepts short time pressure
    255℃ is melting point
    Tension Chaine 18KN/40mm
    Air permeability   1.5×103cm3/ ( cm2.min · Kpa )
    Min. winding radius R70 ( mm)
    Life 700 workingdays
    Weight 7.0±0.3kg/m2




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